Digitalization of legal services from 0 to 1

Less than 4 months

for the whole project to design the customer portal and KYC app as well as the rebranding and the new website.

Under 3 hours

for the new self onboarding compared to the old two week long onbording process.

6 remote user testings

to verify the concepts with the new non-legally competent target groups.

Kerberos Compliance
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About the project

The company Kerberos Compliance GmbH has been advising its customers on the implementation of anti-money laundering guidelines and compliance issues for several years.

Due to a tightening of the regulations by the legislature and the associated expansion of the industries that have to comply with these guidelines, it was time to digitize the partly manual and tedious processes in order to establish Kerberos as a SaaS company and to be able to serve the new markets.

Breaking down complexity –
The solution

throughout the way

Together with Kerberos specialists, we analyzed the manual onboarding process, broke down the internal processes and roles behind it, and developed a new process based on smaller intermediate steps and their dependencies.

The strategic work was the basis for the new digital onboarding wizard, which guides even inexperienced customers through the compliance process and integrates with the new internal processes. To simplify customer self-administration, a new customer portal was created that centrally bundles all documents, tasks, and inquiries, offering a comprehensible and clear contact point for customers as well as Kerberos' administrators for the first time.

Easing up
repetitive tasks

Kerberos' customers regularly have to check buyers and business partners in their everyday business and document the results - the so-called KYC principle.

For the KYC app we came up with a solution, which guides the user through the necessary queries in just a few steps and solves even complicated constellations with supporting explanations. The evaluations are available to the user within minutes in the app and the customer portal.

the brand

To emphasize the reorientation as a SaaS company and to effectively reach the new target groups, we have carefully refreshed the brand and designed a new website that addresses their needs. The goal was to communicate the change of Kerberos from a pure consulting company to a flexible software product.

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