My DJ Cloud

A cloud music solution for DJs

UX / UI design for desktop app

building a full-blown cloud application

UX / UI design for mobile app

enabling DJ to access files on the move

Webdesign for startup landing pages

enabling conversion

My DJ Cloud
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About the project

My DJ Cloud's founders have extensive experience in the music tech industry. They envisioned a new service that could create a new market segment. This service provides cloud storage for DJs, allowing them to bring their existing music collection to the cloud with tailored backup functionalities. Working alongside the founders, we imagined a collection of mobile and desktop apps that work together seamlessly to create a consistent service and brand experience.

Immersive app experience
for different touchpoints

The desktop application offers DJs cloud storage and backup options, while the mobile app for both iOS and Android enables on-the-go access to files and easy playlist editing. With this comprehensive solution, DJs can efficiently manage their music libraries from any device with internet access, ensuring seamless access to their music collection whenever and wherever they need it.

Desktop library

My DJ Cloud is an insurance policy that provides protection against various scenarios such as hard drive failures, lost external drives, stolen devices, or missing backups. The app automatically backs up DJ libraries and files, ensuring that users never lose their carefully crafted music collection. The platform offers a clear overview of files and crates, with the option to manually offload files that are not needed.

Your music where you need it, when you need it.
And in the cloud when you don't.

My DJ Cloud app seamlessly integrates with all major DJ software, including Serato, rekordbox, and Virtual DJ. The project scope included designing an onboarding wizard and third-party setup process to ensure that users can quickly and easily connect the app with their preferred DJ software. This integration enables DJs to manage their music libraries and backups more efficiently and with greater flexibility, giving them the freedom to use the software they prefer.

Integrated in your existing work flow

System tray

Desktop app comes with a system tray that keeps users updated on the syncing progress. Our team considered various aspects when designing the app, including file status, error states, and syncing conflicts. Additionally, the app features a series of isometric illustrations that enhance its overall design and communicate next steps for the user.

An app for
mobile use case

The UX design for the mobile app prioritizes simplicity and intuitive navigation, ensuring users can accomplish tasks effortlessly while on the go. By incorporating a clean and responsive interface, the app provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience across various mobile devices.

Landing page

We redesigned the website and launched a design system that established a strong brand identity. The new landing page messaging was aligned with the brand's core values to drive conversions and foster a connection with potential users.

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